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In today’s fast-evolving political climate, staying informed and understanding the intricacies of the American civic process is more crucial than ever. “Common Sense Citizen” provides a community platform designed specifically for my peer group (born 1968 to 1973 folks who remember drinking directly from the garden hose) but of course open to everyone.  As a community we aim to demystify elections, by self education. An assortment of solid civic course content will be the foundation and community requested courses will be developed on an ongoing basis. Dive into engaging content that clarifies complex topics, helping you make sense of the issues that matter most.

Empowerment Through Education

Feel disconnected from the current political discourse? You’re not alone. “Common Sense Citizen” is your bridge to becoming a more empowered, informed voter. Interact with folks who like you, value community and respectful discourse that remains respectful regardless of individual points of view. Experience the transformation from feeling sidelined to being a proactive participant in your democracy. Let’s tackle misinformation and polarization together, fostering a sense of hope and responsibility for the future.

Foster Constructive Dialogue

In an age where political conversations often lead to conflict, “Common Sense Citizen” stands out as a beacon of constructive dialogue. Our platform is not just about understanding civics; it’s about bringing that knowledge into conversations with friends, family, and your community. Learn how to discuss sensitive topics with respect and insight, promoting a culture of learning and understanding. Empower yourself and those around you to contribute positively to societal progress, one informed discussion at a time.

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