We the people need to keep our more perfect union

Summary: This guide aims to reinvigorate adult civics knowledge and skills, emphasizing the critical role of informed and engaged citizens in a democratic society and the importance of community and workplace involvement in civics education.

The text from CSIS presents a comprehensive guide aimed at enhancing civics knowledge and engagement among adults. It underscores the importance of understanding democratic principles, the U.S. constitutional framework, and the role of citizens in fostering a robust democratic society. The guide is designed for civics content providers, educators, and leaders in various sectors to develop resources that encourage civic participation and literacy in adult populations. It emphasizes the need for civics education beyond the K-12 curriculum, highlighting the role of employers and community leaders in promoting civic knowledge and skills.

  • 📚 Civics knowledge: Fundamental understanding of government structure and policy-making.
  • 🛠 Civic skills: Abilities necessary for active and responsible citizenship.
  • 🏛 Democracy engagement: Importance of informed and engaged citizens for democracy’s health.
  • 🤝 Community involvement: Encouraging adult participation in civic activities.
  • 📘 Educational resources: Developing materials for adult civics education.
  • 💡 Critical thinking: Promoting media literacy and critical analysis.
  • 🗣 Civil discourse: Encouraging respectful and productive conversations on civic issues.


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